People seek counseling and therapy for many reasons. Whether it's a major life transition such as death, divorce, a new job or a new relationship or it's a more personal crisis something isn't working right now and you need help. Sometimes people seek help for themselves or their kids with depression and anxiety or things like ADHD, parenting, addictions and self esteem. And sometimes people can just feel overwhelmed and need help to make sense of things.  A therapist can provide guidance, encouragement and skills to help you cope, feel supported during difficult times and to help you navigate transitions and changes in your life. 


Working with adolescents often focuses on helping them navigate the delicate balance between home, school, family and friends. When children reach the teen years they want to pull away from family, seek independence from their parents and greater approval from their friends. They may also start taking risks neither they nor their parents are comfortable with. This can be a challenge for kids and parents alike and can lead to family conflict and a host of emotional issues. Setting clear boundaries and making sure everyone in the family communicates is key during this time.


Family therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy works to help families learn new and better ways to interact and can even help individuals with specific problems or more general parenting issues. The whole entire family does not need to be present. The approach is adaptive enough to include individual therapy and couples therapy as well as whole families - and sometimes combinations of all those. In this way, family therapy is effective even when only one or two can participate. It is usually provided by a licensed therapist who has undergone specialized training to learn how to work with a family system. 

Family therapy can be relatively short term, but your specific treatment plan will depend on your family's situation.


Couples counseling can help couples of all types recognize resolve conflicts and improve relationships. It can help partners make thoughtful decisions about supporting, defining and rebuilding relationships. Keeping a relationship loving, vibrant and passionate isn’t easy. Money, kids, sex and who knows what else can all be a challenge to making it work. Couples counseling can help you identify and work toward the relationship you want.  

Marriage counseling is often short term and typically includes both partners, however sometimes partners might choose or need to work on issues individually either before, during or after couples work.